Combination of Flutter and React to render a PDF in mobile
Combination of Flutter and React to render a PDF in mobile

Combining two such powerful frameworks of different platforms might sound intriguing. In addition to that, we are not using a hosted react app rather we are making use of a react app without the need of hosting it, inside the flutter and bringing it to life on our whim. Hence the title says ‘Embedding’ not ‘Integrating’ React.js app.

You might find handful of blogs explaining the communication between vanilla Javscript side and Flutter. You know vanilla JS can be plain, dull and boring in contrast to powerful Js frameworks like React.js . This article gives you the insights on running…

Using GitHub Actions makes you feel like a programming super hero. But multiple times, for the security purposes, GitHub workflow file will strictly ask you a secret of the GitHub repository. We are creating a Secret in following 2 phases.

1 : Create a Personal Access Token.

2 : Use that token to create Secret.

Personal Access Token are created on your GitHub account level and can be used to create many Secrets over multiple repositories while Secrets are created at the your GitHub Repository level and can be used only inside the repositories.

This is what the GitHub says…

Do you believe in wonders ?

We have been developing flutter apps for quite a time now. But creating and releasing a build has not been so fun for developers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could automate that ?

There are techniques to build the apk outside of your local computer in which you develop the flutter projects. CodeMagic could also be used , but sometimes having the apk per release in your git allows your more flexibility.

Github Actions

Github Actions is the essence of this blog. We will be generating apks with the help of it. It is more…

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